Thatís The Spirit! for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Finally, a wine & spirits app for the iPhone/ iPod Touch thatís as sophisticated as you are!


Thatís The Spirit! for the iPhone is a new application that helps you keep track of all of the great spirits in your life. Easily record all of your wines, liquors and beers and recall them instantly to see how much you paid, how much you liked it, and what the bottle looked like. Record the region, varietal, age and vintage. Record when and where you had it.

Whether you are a wine connoisseur, a Scotch expert, or a beer lover, you can use Thatís The Spirit! to remember all the complex details of your spirit collection, or just record that great glass you had during last nightís dinner. Then use Thatís The Spirit! to quickly and easily find a particular spirit so you can purchase it again or locate it in your wine cellar. Tired of complicated, expensive iPhone apps that leave you wondering what to do next? Well, Thatís The Spirit! is different. First, we incorporated a super-easy user interface. The intuitive design flows quickly and effortlessly. We added all the different drink types to make this application even more useful. Then we tested it with user groups, took their brutal assessments, and incorporated the changes they wanted to see. Finally, we decided to make the price as friendly as the app.


We hope you enjoy Thatís The Spirit! If you like it, drop us a line or rate the application on iTunes. If there is a feature youíd like to see in the next release, just let us know at We always strive to delight our users.